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Dana Delany

Dana Delany Biography

Date of Birth
13 March 1956, New York City, New York, USA 
Birth Name
Dana Welles Delany 
5' 7" (1.70 m) 
Mini Biography
Dana Welles Delany was born on March 13, 1956, in New York City and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. Dana knew early in life that she wanted to be an actress. Following graduation from Wesleyan University, this tall (5'7") beauty moved to New York and developed her skills working in daytime television and theater. Dana starred in the Broadway show "A Life" and received critical acclaim in a number of off-Broadway productions as well. Her role in Nicholas Kazan's controversial "Bloodmoon" in New York led her to Hollywood. Dana acted in a number of TV series, working steadily until she could get her own starring vehicle. That happened in 1988 when Dana became identified with Army nurse Colleen McMurphy in ABC TV's critically acclaimed series "China Beach" (1988), the role earning her three Emmy nominations and two Emmy Awards as Best Actress.
Dana moved on to movies and eventually started getting starring roles in films, such as Exit to Eden (1994). With over a dozen TV and movie projects within the last few years, Dana is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood.
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Her grandfather invented the Delany valve, a flushing device still use in today's toilets.
1991: Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.
Attended and graduated from Wesleyan University.
She was the voice of two superheroes' girlfriends: Andrea Beaumount, girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993), and Lois Lane in "Superman" (1996).
Although she is from New York City and is a stage-trained actress, she admitted in an interview that she prefers film and television work to stage work.
Measurments: 34C-25-36 (on Exit to Eden (1994) set) (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).
Attended Phillips Academy Andover for high school.
Attended Stamford, Connecticut, public schools until her senior year in high school.
3/18/81: Her father, who was her biggest fan, died from pancreatic cancer.
Has an older brother, Sean Delany, and a younger sister, Corey Delany.
When she moved to New York City in the 1970s, she worked as a cocktail waitress while waiting for her big break.
Friend of Arleen Sorkin and Bob Saget.
Her first and last names are quoted in the final rhyme to the "Animaniacs" (1993) theme song.
Original choice for the role of "Bree" on "Desperate Housewives" (2004). Role went to her friend, Marcia Cross. They both appeared on "Cheers" (1982), but on different episodes.
Favorite TV shows are "Mad Men" (2007) and "30 Rock" (2006).
Her mother is related to Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles.
Turned down the role of "Carrie Bradshaw" on "Sex and the City" (1998). The part went to Sarah Jessica Parker.
Since the mid 1990s, Dana has been serving on the board of Scleroderma Research Foundation, and is involved in the campaign to find a cure.
One of People magazine's Most Beautiful People in the World 2011.
Personal Quotes
If you put Willem Dafoe, Liam Neeson and James Woods in a room together, there wouldn't be room for anyone else.
[describing to David Letterman her eccentric family's devotion to their patriarch's invention of the Delany flush valve] My grandfather used to say, "It may be shit to you, but it's our bread and butter."
When you do a nude scene with an actor, he sometimes gets an erection if he's into the scene. It's sort of a compliment, isn't it?
I love being on stage or in front of the camera. My work brings me a lot of joy. It helps me figure out who I am. I'm really lucky that I get to make a living at acting.
I love to talk dirty during sex. I've been told to shut up before.
I'd be so happy to be living in the tropics, wearing just a sarong. I hate wearing clothes.
[on being cast as "Lisa Emerson" in Exit to Eden (1994)] I've always been cast as the girl next door because of anatomy - the round face and round body. Now I get to express another side of me.
I've been dating younger men since my 20s. When I was 29... I dated someone who was 21... younger men are just more fun. I like their energy. I've always been kind of young for my age.
I think Middle America has changed in terms of fantasies - I mean, that's who reads ''Penthouse Letters", right?
I feel guilty very easily. I think, if anything, my exhibitionist side is a reaction to Catholicism.
[when asked about her favorite male body part] I have a few. I like that dent right here [indicating pelvic bone], that V. And I love butts. There's nothing better than a good butt.
I'm a big believer in phone sex with my boyfriend. I've been on for about an hour. The anticipation is great. And phone sex is safe too. I should do ads for AT&T.
I actually give my mother full credit for my healthy attitude about sex.
There's something liberating about walking around half undressed and not really caring about what people think.
I like water; naked in water. The combination's good. Everybody looks good underwater. The truth is because of the water and the buoyancy, you look good. Nobody looks bad underwater.
Although it was a small part, I auditioned [for Moon Over Parador (1988)] because I knew it was filming in Brazil. I got acquainted with the country two years ago, when I doing Where the River Runs Black (1986). Brazil is the sexiest country in the world!
I used to be stimulated by sex. Now I'm stimulated by ideas. Or some good ideas about sex.
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